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“The most important thing is that our services are of high quality and bring clear added value to our customers.”

– Antti Vesanen, CEO –

Big Mango Solutions is a South-East Asian company with a Finnish background. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, we produce Intelligent and Agile sales and customer service solutions.

Thanks to our international structure we are able to provide quality inbound/outbound customer-interface services, digital marketing services, and other service solutions in a cost-effective manner with flexible hours, even around the clock.


At Big Mango, we pay competitive wages to our employees, also strive to create the most comfortable working environment and transparent operating practices. This leads to building a company with long and committed relationships, for the best results. We also train staff and support their career advancement.

Sales and marketing are difficult areas in business and emotional intelligence matters. That's why we invest in staff and quality. We do not take projects that are dubious in nature, we only do sensible B2B projects. To get optimal results and motivation, we provide the top work atmosphere and meaningful work tasks. After all, that's what sales and marketing are all about. From the customer's perspective, only the RESULTS matters!


Big Mango Solutions has received an esteemed Board Of Investment (BOI) certificate in the category Enterprise Software. Basically, we are a software company that develops solutions and tools that utilize artificial intelligence to enhance our customers' sales, marketing, and customer service. We are also able to provide software engineers and other IT professionals with the opportunity to work with us.



For more information please feel free to contact us with the form below or give us a call at +66 2 328 4575. Alternatively, you can email our CEO Mr. Antti Vesanen directly. Our email addresses are of the form