Sales Doorbell: The Next Generation Sales Tool

Big Mango Solutions' Sales Doorbell is a unique service which brings customers directly to doorstep of the company's salespeople. This innovative tool combines artificial intelligence with the work done by real people to create an effective sales and marketing solution for SMEs.

Benefits: Human Touch and Technology

The Doorbell stands out by offering genuine human touch combined with the efficiency and automation of artificial intelligence. The service helps customers commit to companies' sales processes, improves customer experience, increases sales opportunities, and also helps in keeping existing customers happy. In addition, it includes an AI-powered online advertising campaign and marketing automation, which improve ad targeting and enhance acquisition of new customers. Each press of the Doorbell trains the system to find more right kind of people on the internet.

How does it work?

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Pekka sees an ad on Facebook or Google's network (Facebook, Instagram, mobile apps, YouTube, newspaper websites, Google Maps, Gmail, etc.). The ad seems interesting, so Pekka clicks on it. He ends up on the company's website and notices that he is interested in the company's services.


Pekka wants more information about the services, but he's in a hurry, so he clicks the doorbell's 'Call me back' button. The virtual assistant interactively collects his contact information, sends it to the company's internal Teams chat, and says, 'I've already sent the information to them via instant message. They will call you as soon as possible, and if necessary, I will remind them so they don't forget.' Pekka leaves. The virtual asssitant sends a code message to Google Analytics, essentially saying, 'This visitor was interested in our services, show the ad to more people like him.


The next day, the virtual worker sends a new message in the company's internal Teams chat asking, 'Has someone already contacted Pekka?' The salesperson realizes that he hasn't called Pekka yet. He picks up the phone, talks with Pekka, and closes a deal. Then he marks in the system, 'Pekka's case is handled, I sold him a package worth 399€.' The virtual worker adds the 399€ to the monthly total sales report.

What is it based on?

The Sales Doorbell is based on the experiences and feedback that Big Mango Solutions has gathered when serving industrial customers. The service includes the creation and management of an advertising campaign, a combination of artificial intelligence and human labor to gather and manage the incoming contacts, as well as monthly follow-up meetings for discussing results and development suggestions.

In addition the effectiveness of marketing is actively monitored and analyzed, and strategic changes are suggested when necessary. The experts at Big Mango Solutions help your company grow and continuously improve sales and the experience of customers.

Try the Sales Doorbell

Naturally, we use this ourselves for customer acquisition as well. You can try the Doorbell using the chat window located in the bottom right corner of the page (currently in Finnish only on this site).