The idea to start Big Mango Solutions originally came about when our CEO Antti was discussing with his friend, a successful software entrepreneur. The discussion revolved around the advances in artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and the things they make possible already today. Like everybody knows, artificial intelligence is the future, and the idea seemed interesting. Success story of Netvisor, the earlier major innovation of our Strategy Advisor Mika, was largely based on the fact that Mika and his brother Heikki understood sufficiently early the possibilities of internet in the field of electronic financial management. Everybody quickly realized that an opportunity to take advantage of the next big change, artificial intelligence, was at hand.


Therefore, it was time to get to work. Antti speaks, reads, and writes Thai, and being a cost-conscious person who understands investing, he whipped up a business plan which is conservative with investors' hard earned monies. Mika suggested to get the boll rolling by using Agile start-up methodology and a good strategy, so that the death valley, which is typical of start-ups, can be avoided while at the same time aquiring suitable know-how and talent to the company. The opportunity to become a minority shareholder was also offered to a gentleman called Amrint Petshu, nicknamed Em. At that time he was already overseeing more than one hundred Adidas stores in Thailand, and he also had history as a Store Manager of Tesco-Lotus supermarket among other things. Em decided to seize the opportunity.


Antti applied for Thailand's Board Of Investment (BOI) approval for the company to be founded. The number of grey hairs increased exponentially as the BOI officials, accustomed to the rigid processes of the old industries, had the strangest questions and demands regarding the possibilities of new technology. Still, the approval was eventually granted as communication could be done directly in Thai language without needing any intermediaries.


At present day Big Mango Solutions is a Bangkok based software company. We make AI-assistants which answer the phone, and service packages built around them to enhance and expand sales and customer service. We offer solutions designed according to our customers' needs. For a small company, a sufficient solution may be a relatively simple lead collection bot on homepage which the customers find with properly targeted digital marketing. For more demanding needs the solution can be e.g. a virtual assistant who answers the phone 24/7, talks with customers, makes calendar reservations, or collects the necessary information for calculating and sending quotations automatically.