Customer service, sales, and marketing. High quality, smart and cost-effective.

Providing customer service in the evenings and on weekends is not a problem for us. As offices and agencies close, we will continue to serve.

Quality services with clear added value

We know the realities of business. We operate keeping two basic ideas in mind:

1. It makes sense to buy a service only when the service quality is sufficient.

2. The service must bring in more money to our clients than what it costs.

We train our personnel according to the requirements of the client’s project so that our employees are able to handle cases that require deeper knowledge. Technical sales and customer support are possible. We firmly believe this creates a situation where everybody wins.


“4Straction is a comprehensive strategic management software platform. Big Mango Solutions has provided great cold calling services that have provided excellent results for 4Straction.”

– Markku Nylund, CEO, 4Straction Oy

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