There are different types of chatbots. A simple chatbot can be created in less than an hour, but an advanced chatbot is something entirely different. An advanced chatbot is a virtual assistant which can independently handle first-line customer service tasks around the clock, be in on weekdays or on Sundays. Thanks to its artificial intelligence and training, an advanced chatbot understands natural language (NLP), and is of course able to answer the most common questions about the company. In addition, an advanced chatbot can also have following skills:

- Suggest the company's products to the customer

- Gather the information needed for a quotation

- Send the quotation autonomously via email

- Gather sales leads

- Assist in customer claims

- Transfer the matter and the discussion conveniently to a suitable human member of the team if the subject is more complex and requires human interaction.

An advanced chatbot is like a virtual member of the staff whose skills depend on the training given to it. It can read and write emails, use instant messaging for in-house communications, and use Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as CRM, Warehouse Management System etc. In addition, artificial intelligence is constantly learning more skills through training, just like a regular employee. A well-designed and trained chatbot is a virtual assistant with major benefits:

- Provides customer service 24/7, 365

- Improves the customer service experience and customer satisfaction

- Helps increase sales

- Frees other employees' time for more productive tasks

Of course the bot must also be suitable considering the image of the business. A chatbot for a funeral parlor may need to be serious, but it is usually better to have a virtual assistant which is happy, cheerful and relaxed. The customer experience must be positive.

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