Digital marketing is a broad concept, but simply put, it means advertising and marketing on the internet. Two major players in the field are Facebook and Google, whose advertising networks allow even small businesses to have their ads appear in mobile apps, free games, popular newspaper websites, YouTube videos, Google Maps, Gmail, etc.

When done correctly, online advertising is cost-effective and can target the right audience. Data collected from results and tests can be analyzed and used to continuously improve marketing effectiveness. A well-designed and constructed sales funnel brings the right kind of visitors to a company's website, who then turn into sales leads and paying customers.

Digital marketing is also an essential part of Big Mango Solutions' AI-powered Sales Doorbell service. Our company's team has over 10 years of experience in many related areas. Generally, we set a minimum goal that one euro invested in advertisements should increase revenue by at least six euros (ROAS > 6), but this depends on the industry and the products or services being advertised. Some examples of results from well-executed long-term marketing done by our experts can be viewed here At the time of writing, live tracking shows that one euro invested in advertising has increased sales by 16-22€ in these public reference cases.

This page lists the different areas of marketing in which our team has experience. You can also find more information about our Doorbell service, for example, from the speech bubble in the bottom right corner.