When a potential customer shows interest in your company's products or services, asking questions and buying the goods needs to be made easy. Never waste a sales lead.

Existing customers should also have a quick and convenient way to contact the company in case of problems or when considering additional purchases. A satisfied customer will buy more.

Few customers rejoice when they hear an old fashioned recording on the phone saying "If you want this, press one. If you want that, press two." Big Mango Solutions' Speak virtual assistant provides a better experience for the customer. Thanks to artificial intelligence and speech recognition (NLP) it understands what the customer is saying and takes action accordingly. It creates an experience of a real customer service person who provides service 24/7. The customer gets better service also during evenings and weekends.

The basic version of the AI assistant recognizes the intent of the customer, and during working hours it will transfer the call to the right person or department. In evenings and weekends it works in a different way. It sends a callback request as a private message if the customer wishes to leave one. This way the team will get the message in an effective and yet subtle way, and the caller gets an immediate confirmation that the issue is moving forward.


- More human-like. Doesn't always give the same boring answer. Answers can have variations and combinations.

- Real-time Text-To-Speech means it's easy to make changes to the answers. No need to make recordings, the written answer is immediately updated to the dialogue.

- The voice can be made more natural by controlling speed, breaks and pitch.

- Built-in logic for problematic situations. If the customer has problems using the system, the virtual assistant will transfer the call to a real person.

- No need to press buttons. Can be used also with handsfree e.g. when driving a car.

- Utilizes technology from well-established providers (IBM, Google)

AI assistant can also automatize processes. More advanced versions of the phone AI asisstant can be trained to independently handle several customer service tasks. Examples:

- Answer frequently asked questions

- Help the customer in troubleshooting

- Collect the necessary information for making a quotation

- Can be taught to use the ERP systems of the company (CRM, inventory management systems, orders etc.)

- Check the delivery status of the order.

- Check if the product is in stock.

- Marks the events to customer history.

- Sends quotations and receives incoming orders.

Big Mango's Speak virtual assistant frees other employees' time for more important tasks, and provides immediate service for the customers with a tone that fits the company's image. In some cases it may be necessary to be serious and formal, but usually it's better that a virtual assistant is cheerful, lively, and relaxed. The customer experience needs to be positive.

We also offer advanced chatbots.

An advanced chatbot is like a virtual member of the staff whose skills depend on the training given to it. It can read and write emails, use instant messaging for in-house communications, and use Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as CRM, Warehouse Management System etc. In addition, artificial intelligence is constantly learning more skills through training, just like a regular employee. A well-designed and trained chatbot is a virtual assistant with major benefits:

- Provides customer service 24/7, 365

- Improves the customer service experience and customer satisfaction

- Helps increase sales

- Frees other employees' time for more productive tasks

Of course the bot must also be suitable considering the image of the business. A chatbot for a funeral parlor may need to be serious, but it is usually better to have a virtual assistant which is happy, cheerful and relaxed. The customer experience must be positive.

Big Mango Solutions is a 3CX Partner

When a virtual assistant is combined with a modern cloud-based VOIP business phone system (PBX), even a small company can get a professional phone system which grows with the company.

- Call groups

- Call transfers

- Business calls to and from company number when working remotely or abroad

- Customer service numbers in other countries

Is it necessary to buy a separate company phone for every single employee? Not necessarily. A software based VOIP business phone system makes it possible e.g. for every employee to make and receive business calls from their work number even if they are working remotely, or are on a business trip on another continent - Without needing to buy dedicated hardware.

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