In this video MangoSpeak-phonerobot is receiving a call from a customer who is reporting dangerous situation happening near his house. Robot is collecting all the needed information of this dangerous situation and reports it to on duty repairman via instant message. This feature can be very useful for security, electric companies or for example property maintenance.
MangoSpeak-phonerobot can be connected to a clients calendar or other ERP-systems. This allows for the robot to make reservations, appointments, track orders or for example in this video reschedule an appointment based on the customer number. Robot also can send confirmation email, instant message or SMS for the customer.

MangoSpeak-phonerobot can be connected to a switchboard and allows the customer have "a real" conversation with the robot instead of prerecorded messages. Robot can transfer the call to a correct department or deliver an instant message to a recipient if he is not able to answer the phone.

Speech speed and tone can be adjusted for clients preferences and the MangoSpeak-robot can be trained to answer the same question in different variations. With all the customization options, customers will get more human-like service from the robot.